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RetroGames e.V. is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 to preserve and promote video game culture in Germany. The members of RetroGames gather regularly on the Tuesdays around 19:00 CET.

Who We Are

We are lovers and collectors of classical electronic game machines such as arcade machines, pinball machines, home computers, and video game consoles. Our main goal is to save vintage game machines from the scrapyard, to restore them to their original working condition, and to present them to the public in our hands-on museum. Through regular events and activities our organization strives to promote the culture of video gaming and to prevent its historical roots from being forgotten.

Our Collection

The RetroGames e.V. museum currently houses over 90 original arcade machines and several pinball machines as well as a representative collection of more than 50 years of video game history. Newly restored vintage machines are constantly being added to our collection, which is presented together with some background information in our museum. The exhibition is complemented by a cross selection of home computers and video game consoles as well as assorted print, music and video media.

Unlike most museums, RetroGames e.V. expressly encourages hands-on experience! Every single game on display is kept in working condition and may be played free of charge during our opening hours.