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Gotcha (1973)Gun Fight (1975)Ric-O-Chet (1975)
Sea Wolf (1976)Space Invaders (1978)Super Breakout (1978)
Galaxian (1979)Asteroids (1979)Astro Fighter (1980)
Moon Cresta (1980)Phoenix (1980)Pac-Man (1980)
Centipede (1980)Missile Command (1980)Defender (1980)
Rip Off (1980)Asteroids Deluxe (1981)Qix (1981)
Stargate (1981)Donkey Kong (1981)Astro Blaster (1981)
Scramble (1981)Frogger (1981)Donkey Kong Jr. (1982)
Xevious (1982)Joust (1982)Dig Dug (1982)
Pole Position (1982)TRON (1982)Star Wars (1983)
Marble Madness (1984)Root Beer Tapper (1984)Tehkan World Cup (1985)
Hang On (1985)Gauntlet (1985)Space Harrier (1985)
Rolling Thunder (1986)Danger Zone (1986)Quartet (1986)
Out Run (1986)Poly Play (1986)Road Blasters (1987)
Xenophobe (1987)Operation Wolf (1987)Xybots (1987)
Pacmania (1987)NARC (1988)Hard Drivin' (1989)
Terminator 2 Arcade (1991)Mortal Kombat (1992)Outrunners (1993)
Killer Instinct (1994)The House of the Dead (1996)Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (1998)


Galaga (1981)Juno First (1983)Karate Champ (1984)
Ghosts 'n Goblins (1985)Arkanoid (1986)1943 (1987)
Gemini Wing (1987)Tetris (1988)Cadash (1989)
Klax (1989)Raiden (1990)Tumblepop (1991)
Puzzle Bobble (1994)Metal Slug (1996)


Dealer's Choice (1973)KISS (1979)Taxi (1988)
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991)Indiana Jones (1993)Attack from Mars Remake SE (2017)